By | August 3, 2018

Poker Fans of poker choose this game because of its combination of the skill, gambling and strategy that is required to win this game. One of the quintessential American casino games, Poker was developed in the States sometime during the 19th century. With advances in gameplay that were implemented in the 1970’s it quickly became a favoured game by many.

Once a round of Poker begins each player will be dealt a specific number of cards while there are a set number of cards that remain hidden as well as shared cards. The first round of betting can then commence. Each player then makes a bet according to the value of the cards in their hand. This proceeds clockwise, into the second round of betting where players can either match or raise a bet or fold. When this round is completed the cards are revealed and the victor may claim their winnings.

When playing Poker your odds are determined by the cards you hold in your hand. If you have a good hand with high-value cards you stand a great chance of winning. Once all of the cards are revealed and you win your round payouts are generally made at a 7:1 rate.

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