By | June 1, 2021

Baccarat Baccarat was first played in the private gambling rooms of 19th century France. This two-person zero-sum game was popular among the nobility in the region. As it spread across the game evolved. By 1940, casinos in Havana had adapted the play into a house-banked game which would become the modern variation of Baccarat.

This game generally revolves around the banker and the player. It is played at a large table that can seat 12 to 14 players with a standard 52 card deck that is shuffled and placed in a shoe. The deck is then cut 16-cards before the end of the shoe. The object is to get a score that is closest to 9 which allows you to win. Once the deck is cut each player will be handed two cards while the dealer receives three cards. At this time bets can be placed. Once the betting round closes the player’s cards are revealed as well as the banker’s cards.

In Baccarat there is a 44.62% chance that the player’s hand will win while there is a 45.85% chance that the banker’s hand will lose. In addition to this, there is a lower than 1% house edge.


By | March 5, 2021

Roulette The game of Roulette got its name from the French word for wheel, which is a large feature of this well-liked casino game. The first variation of this game was played in 17th century France. As it grew in popularity it started being played in a variety of different countries until it became a global phenomenon.

Players who gather around the Roulette wheel will place their bets before the wheel is spun. Bets can be made on individual numbers, groupings of numbers, high or low numbers, odd or even numbers or the colours black or red. The wheel is then spun in one direction while the dealer drops the ball in a different direction. As the wheel comes to a standstill, the ball loses momentum until it comes to a stop on the winning number.

The Roulette wheel you are playing on will vary depending on the style in which you are playing. This includes French, American or European styles. When you play Roulette you have a 50-50 chance of winning if you are using a novice strategy to play which is usually sticking to black or red. If you do end up winning it has an astounding payout rate of 36-1.

Big Six Wheel

By | February 3, 2021

Big Six Wheel The Big Six Wheel is also known as the Wheel of Fortune or simply the Big Six at some online casinos. You will get different interpretations both at land-based and online casinos. The starting bets for Big Six wheel are low and the rules also change from one casino to another. The basics of the game remain the same, however, and is one of the simplest games of chance.

Each variation of the Big Six Wheel has 54 sections with a rubber flapper at the top that remains stationary and a peg separating the sections. These sections have their own value with the logo of the casino one of them. A player places bets and the winning bet is determined when the wheel stops spinning and wherever the rubber flapper comes to a stop. A player can make any number of bets per spin and the highest bet is usually when landing on the particular casino logo.

The Big Six Wheel cannot be played according to a strategy as it is purely a game of chance. Even though your winning chances are often slim, it is an online slot that players love to take a chance at purely for the fun and relaxing gameplay.