By | October 1, 2018

Pachinko Pachinko originates from 18th century France and is a cousin of the ever-popular game pinball. Pachinko as we know it was first seen in 1920 in Japan as a children’s game called Korinto Gemu which was played in candy stores. In the UK kids were playing their own version called Circle of Pleasure.

Both these games combined have strong characteristics of the current pachinko. It combined pockets where you score, flippers and racing balls. This game evolved several times to the digital version of today. It is a combination of an arcade game and a vertical pinball machine with a loud, bright, flashy and entertaining mechanisms.

This online slot uses small metal balls which in modern casinos are virtual balls. After placing your bet, you are assigned with your balls and shooting the balls, you wait for the slot to determine your win. The excitement and objective of Pachinko are to land your balls into particular holes. Different holes pay different amounts, while other holes will give you additional spins, etc.

It is not a game that requires any skill, however, the length of time spent on pressing a button would determine the strength of the ball shooting into a direction.

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