Jackpot Win Lost to Friend

By | November 1, 2023

Jackpot Win Lost to Friend  There’s quite a twist to this casino jackpot story, along with a warning that pressing the button yourself is very important. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Fort Lauderdale was visited by Jan Flato to play some of their slot machines.

The button was pushed by Marina Medvedeva Navarro, a friend that had joined him at the casino and whom he was using as his good luck charm. After pressing the button, the $100,000 jackpot landed in her favour. It turns out she was lucky indeed but that luck was favourable for her but proved to be very unlucky for him.

Since Navarro was the one who pressed the button, the money went to her, not Flato. This is according to casino rules, as Flato was not the one who pressed the button. According to the casino’s managers, once the video was analyzed and they saw that Navarro pressed the button, she was the legitimate jackpot winner.

The Seminole Casino spokesman, could not say much but did reiterate that the person who pulls the arm, rolls the dice or pushes a slot machine’s button wins the money.

The money was taken by Navarro, according to Flato. After they discovered the jackpot wasn’t Flato’s, Navarro said Flato became distressed. She said Flato suddenly went ballistic. A scream erupted from him in the casino in front of everyone. In addition to cash, she received half the money in the form of a check. After that, she left the casino and asked the security team to keep an eye on Flato.

Later on, she texted Flato, asking, if he still hated her. To which He replied, “How could you?” And she responded that she missed him. A threatening text message was then sent to Navarro by Flato. The message read, “Having me as an enemy…not good.” Needless to say, they aren’t friends anymore!